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The Best Price Guarantee is our promise that the best hotel room prices for Holiday Inn or any InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) property can be found directly on our Web sites. If you find a lower price on a competing Web site for the same hotel, type of accommodations and rate restrictions on the same date(s), we’ll not only match that lower price, we’ll give you your first night free.It's that simple.

A Guaranteed Room
Booking on our website is the best way to guarantee your room. If for any reason your reservation cannot be honored, we will provide you with a room and transportation to another convenient and comparable hotel. And, we’ll pay for the full cost of the first night’s lodging price, plus tax. Any advance deposit will be refundedto you.

The World’s Best Hotel Rewards Program
Did you know that booking directly with us is a great way to earn all the benefits of the world’s best hotel rewards program? Because, with Priority Club® Rewards you can earn & redeem points for stays at over 4,400 IHG hotels worldwide as well as an array of “beyond hotel” rewards.

Secure and Safe Transactions
When you book on our site, you can trust your transactions are safe and secure. Because, we use state-of-the-art technology and have partnered with a leading provider of Internet trust services to ensure that your personal information is automatically encrypted before it‘s sent over the Internet.

Any Room, Any Price, Any Time.
Certain travel sites claim to have the best deals, but they only offer a limited inventory – and the only deal you’re getting is the one they want. When you book on hibrighton.com, you have access to the most available room and rate types, making us your best online source for the most choices

No Booking Fees.
Many other travel sites charge a hidden booking fee, sometimes up to £10. So, why not avoid the hidden fees? Simply, make your reservations directly with us and you’ll never pay a booking fee.

The most comprehensive information about our hotels.
Know before you go. Hibrighton.com is your resource for complete and comprehensive information about our hotels, including up-to-date room descriptions, photos, travel guides, maps and directions, so you can make the most of your vacation. After all, we own the place

Best Rate Guarantee
IHG Rewards Club

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